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          1. Welcome to CHIPHD website!

            Shenzhen CHIPHD Technology Co.,Ltd

            Applicable Industries

            • Educational

              Man-machine interaction with dual OS Suitable for touch solutions of multimedia synchronous teaching platform,self-study,teaching at home and parent-children interaction

            • Medical

              Intel CPU Touch AIO Suitable for solutions of medical apparatus and instruments' data collection,medical custom and mhealth

            • Military

              Suitable for military technical reform and newly developed weapons, especially for high,precise,and top-notch weapons

            • Financial

              Liberating financial institutions from long-term fixed IT cost Driving financial institutions focus on the innovation of core business

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            About Us

              ChipHD Technology Co.,Ltd  is a national new hi-tech enterprise which specialize in design and  R&D smart terminals.ChipHD has been concentrated on the design and reality of SW&HW complete solutions of Tablet PC,Smart TV Box,Portable HD multimedia products,E-book, PDA 3D game pad,Digital TC and so on consumer electronics.Take technology innovation and first-rate service as the core competitiveness,ChipHD provide customers with high quality/low price/global leading complete solutions of HD multimedia smart terminals and OS.

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